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Indium Base Solder


Indium has a melting point as low as 156℃. It forms many kinds of low melting temperature eutectic solder with Sn, Pb, Ag,etc. Indium base solder shows excellent oxidation resistance towards alkaline media. Its wettability on metal and nonmetal is outstanding. Joint formed by indium base solder have merits such as low resistance and high plasticity. Indium base solder is suitable for packaging material with different CTE. Thus it is widely used in packaging vacuum electron devices, glass, ceramic, low-temperature superconductors devices.  


In97Ag3 & In52Sn48 Preforms

Indium and high indium content solder, which is often used as interconnect material and thermal interface material to solder ceramic devices onto PCB,  has high thermal conductivity, low melting temperature and excellent softness. Typical indium alloy solder inculds In97Ag3 and In52Sn48.

In97Ag3 and In52Sn48 preforms with a thickness above 0.05mm are currently available due to the fact that it’s difficult to produce thinner preforms using metal as soft as In97Ag3 and In52Sn48.

We offer preform with accurate composition and meiling temperature. Shapes such as disk,ring, rectangle, frame are available to meet different demands according to your applications.