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Automatic Feed Solution for Solder Preforms

Automatic feed solutions for solder preforms is crucial to higher efficiency and lower cost for electronic packaging industry. Several package forms are available to cater to specific applications and solder preforms with different shapes.

Carrier Tape Package

Standard carrier tape is used to 

pack solder preforms typically used 

for supplementing solder in 

specific regions of printed circuit 


Tray/Vacuum Release Tray Package

Solder preforms arranged in certain rule according to customers’ 

requirements are packed in 

standard tarys or vacuum release


Blue Tape Package

Using standard 6” wafer expander rings, solder preforms are attached  to specific blue tape which ensures no residue left on the surface of


Film Wrapped Package(Domestic Original) 

Solder Preforms are attached to 


film and covered by protective 

film. Special feeders are needed to 

accomplish automatic feed of 

solder preforms packed in this 

form. Xianyi can offer a 

automatic feed solution containing solder products and feeder based 

on film wrapped package.