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Au Based Series Solder



Gold base solder, which has been used for a long history, possesses good anti-corrosion, low vapour pressure and superior flowability and wettability. Common gold base solder contains Au-Sn solder, Au-Ge solder and Au-Cu solder. Gold base solder is applied to fields such as hermetic package and die bonding.


Au80Sn20 Preforms

Au80Sn20 eutectic solder has strong inoxidizability, good creep resistance and well wettability. Joints formed by Au80Sn20 with high strengthand and thermal conductivity can be obtained. Au80Sn20 preforms are mainly used in optoelectronics package, high reliability package(e.g. InP laser diodes package), hermetic package of high power device, die bonding, etc. 

Au88Ge12 Preforms

Au88Ge12 eutectic solder has many merits such as low vapour pressure, low contact resistance, strong adhesion to the substrate, well conductivity, high thermal conductivity. Au88Ge12 along with metal such as Au and Ni constitute M/S system acting as ohmic contact in GaAs MEMSFET. Furthermore, Au88Ge12 is widely used as lower melting temperature solder of transistors, integrated circuit, etc.

Au80Cu20 & Au50Cu50 Preforms

Au-Cu brazing filler metal has suitable melting temperature, superior flowability and ability to fill tiny gap. Its wettability on Cu, Ni, Fe, Co, W, Mo, Ta, Nb and their alloys is fine. In addition, no fierce chemical reaction occurs between Au-Cu alloy and base metal, which avoids lowering strength and dimensional accuracy of workpiece. Au-Cu brazing filler metal is widely used in brazing vacuum components such as high power magnetrons, waveguides and vacuum instrument components.

We offer preform with accurate composition and meiling temperature. Shapes such as disk,ring, rectangle, frame are available to meet different demands according to your applications.