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Ag Sinter Paste XY-ASP-N250


-Pressureless sintering

- Low temperature sintering and high working temperature

- High bonding strength

- High electrical and thermal conductivity

- Alternative to high-lead solders

- RoHS compliance


XY-ASP-N250 Ag sinter paste with unique nano-Ag dispersing system, conforms to the requirements of RoHS and can be used in dispensing and printing processes. It can be sintered under temperature low to 250℃ without pressure to get a high bonding strength.

After sintering, XY-ASP-N250 can convert to 100% Ag with a theoretical melting temperature 961℃,which makes it a ideal alternative to high-lead solders. Besides, the thermal conductivity of sintered Ag is much higher than conventional solder, which can largely enhance the working life of device. These makes XY-ASP-N250 much suitable for the pressureless bonding of power devices demanding high thermal conductivity, such as IGBT、high-power LED、RF power devices,especially in the third generation semiconductor application.

 Technical Specification: 

Before sintering


Gray paste

Sintering temperature℃

230-250, 250 recommended

Ag content %


Working temperature℃


Density g/cm3



Au, Ag

Viscosity kcps


After sintering

Ag content


Bonding strength MPa




Shear strength @260℃ MPa


Thermal conductivity W/m·K


Electrical conductivity μΩ·cm


Thermal expansion coefficient ppm/℃


Elastical modulus GPa


Sintering Process: 

Metallization : Au/Ag(cleaned surface)

Atmosphere : air or nitrogen

Thickness of the sintering layer : 20-40um after sintering and 30-60um before sintering 

Sintering profile

*For reference only, the curve can be adjusted according to actual equipments and devices.


Syringe:   5 g10 g, 15 g, 30 g; 

*Other package specification can be supplied on request.

Storage and Management: 

-0-10 ℃ in refrigerator or cooler, 6 months shelf life.

-Thaw time: 0.5-1.0 hours (5cc/10cc syringe) 


-Use with personal labor protecting appliance and adequate ventilation.

-Do not mix with other toxic chemicals.