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Ag Sinter Paste XY-ASP-NM250P


-Pressure sintering for large die

- Low sintering temperature and high working temperature

- High bonding strength, high electrical and thermal conductivity

- Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity

- Alternative to high-lead solders

- RoHS compliance


XY-ASP-NM250P Ag sinter paste is a RoHS-complied product developed for pressure sintering and large-size die bonding application, and it is compatible with dispensing and printing processes. Compared to pressureless sintering Ag pastes, XY-ASP-NM250P with lower cost can achieve higher density, bonding strength, electrical and thermal conductivity after sintering, and can be used for Cu surface bonding.

XY-ASP-NM250P can also convert to 100% Ag after sintering. It should be noted that, die may be damaged under sintering pressure. XY-ASP-NM250P is mainly used for the package of IGBT、MOSFET and other power devices especially SiC devices. It also can be used in other applications which can be compatible with pressure sintering and demand high thermal conductivity.

 Technical Specification: 

Before sintering


Gray paste

Sintering temperature℃

230-250, 250 recommended

Ag content %


Sintering pressure MPa


Density g/cm3



Au, Ag, Cu

Viscosity kcps




After sintering

Ag content


Bonding strength MPa


Thermal conductivity W/m·K


Shear strength @260℃ MPa


Thermal expansion coefficient ppm/℃


Electrical conductivity μΩ·cm


Elastical modulus GPa



Sintering Process: 

Metallization : Au/Ag/Cu(cleaned surface)

Atmosphere : air or nitrogen

Thickness of the sintering layer : 20-40um after sintering and 30-60um before sintering 


1)Dispensing/Printing: transfer the paste to the pad;

2)Drying: transfer the devices to a dry-oven to dry for 10 minutes at 120 ℃;

3)Die attach: set the chip mounter with 20 ℃/s heating rate and 1 MPa attach pressure;

4)Pre-sintering: sinter the devices at 180 ℃ for 3 minutes in N2 atmosphere;

5)Sintering: transfer the devices to special pressure-sintering equipments for Ag paste, sinter 5 minutes at 250 ℃ with 20 MPa pressure;

6)Cool down: move the devices away to cool down.

*For reference only


Syringe: 10 g, 15 g, 20 g, 30 g; 

Can: 100 g, 200 g, 500 ge supplied on request.

*Other package specification can be supplied on request.

Storage and Management: 

-0-10 ℃ in refrigerator or cooler, 6 months shelf life.

-Thaw time: 0.5-1.0 hours (5cc/10cc syringe) and 1-2 hours (can)


-Use with personal labor protecting appliance and adequate ventilation.

-Do not mix with other toxic chemicals.